Twice As Nice!

We spent the weekend in Texarkana. If you aren't from around here, you may not know that Texarkana straddles the Arkansas/Texas state lines and you can stand in both states at once there. It is twice as nice! But we didn't go to the state line....we went there for a wedding.
Our friends Greg and Sarah from college were gettting married and Tyler was an usher. Greg was one of Tyler's pledge brothers, and he was an usher in our wedding.

We headed down Friday night after work and got to Texarkana around 9:00. We checked into our hotel and Tyler went to have fun with the boys at Greg's apartment. I stayed in and read my Nook. (PS. I am reading "Something Borrowed" and I really like it. I also am LOVING my Nook).

Saturday morning we were lazy and slept in and got ready in time to head out for lunch. Tyler met up with some of the guys and I met up with my college roomie, Karlee, who lives in Texarkana.

We had lunch at the best little deli. I had a yummmmmy roast beef sandwhich and some delicious vanilla trifle cake. But the best part of the afternoon was when we headed back to the hotel to lay out at the pool! We spent several hours just getting nice and hot and sweaty, and dipping in the pool, then drying off, then dipping in the pool.... (repeat.) It was glorious.

Then some other ladies came to our hotel room to get ready for the wedding. I felt like I was in college again with a bunch of girls doing hair and makeup all together! (This was a funny moment. This is Megan doing Erin's hair. Erin is a hairdresser and Megan was sooo nervous!) (side note: the other girls that came are awesome. Megan, Erin and Brooke and I were not in the same sorority in college. They were EEEs and I was a Tri Chi. We were all friends, but we didn't really spend a lot of time together in college because really your club consumes your free time and most of your activities. But I was so glad to spend some time with these ladies and laugh and spray too much hairspray in such a small space.)

We headed to the wedding. It was at the bride's parent's new house. So new, no one is living in it yet. They finished it just in time for the wedding. So pretty!The wedding was beautiful, but it was outside and it was HOT. We found solace under the reception tent. The centerpieces were so cute.But it was fun to see a bunch of friends from college and catch up. I also hit the dancefloor for a few songs, which was so fun.

Me and Ty at the reception.And me and Brooke. Brooke and her husband Warren (who was also one of Ty's pledge brothers) live in Greenwood where we just moved. Brooke and I were talking about how we can't wait to be hometown besties! It is so nice to already have a friend here that I've known for years. Many fun times to come with this lady!
And now we're home watching the NBA finals (or rather, I'm blogging and Tyler is watching the NBA finals) and trying to finish unpacking and putting stuff away. I'm hoping to get everything put away in the new dressers in our bedroom tonight. Productivity rocks!