This Week: Wedding, Date Night, 4th Of July

This week was a doozy!  So many fun things going on! 
Monday evening, we drove to Tulsa for Tyler's cousin's wedding.  It was at a beautiful horse ranch.  We LOVE the bride's grandpa- Uncle Bruce.  Such a sweet man!  
The wedding took place right at sunset, so we snuck outside during the reception to enjoy it!

Beautiful bride and groom!  Congrats Jessie and Candace!
Then Wednesday evening, we had a little date night!  I'm out for the weekend, so we wanted to spend some time together.  We went to the gym for some laps in the pool and Aqua Zumba, and then we had dinner at Patron.  Tyler ordered the habanero lime margarita to split...and it was SO good. 
Then we saw the Lone Ranger.  Y'all....go see it.  It's action packed, funny, and wonderful.  Not really for kids (its PG 13 for a reason- lots of western-style violence) but it was GREAT.  Like on par with Pirates of the Caribbean great.
For July 4th yesterday, we were up early for the Freedom Fest 5k.  Our town has a great 4th of July festival that starts with a 5k.  I was trying to win most-patriotic (and in small-town drama...I didn't...and there was almost a riot! ha!)
I LOVE the hometown 5ks.  You run with people you know, you run down mainstreet and familiar faces are there cheering and holding signs...and then you finish at the town square.  Tyler got a picture of me coming toward the finish line.  So fun! We came home after the race and grilled lunch, took a nap, and hung out at home.  That evening, we went back to the the square for music and fireworks.I just LOVE patriotism.  The band was playing "God Bless the USA" and people all across the square were standing from their lawn chairs and singing along.  Babies were waving flags, and men were saluting.  It was beautiful.
The fireworks show was great too.
I'm so thankful to have Greenwood feel like home.  Being in the race yesterday and running with/by people I love, and sitting on the square surrounded by friends and their babies/families...I just felt so blessed.  I wasn't sure anywhere would ever feel like "home" the way my hometown did.  But honestly, this place just feels right.  I'm so glad I gave it time and worked hard at making it feel like home.  I love it.!
I hope you had a great 4th of July!  Happy weekend!